USA China News: USA Has Ended Three Agreements With China Simultaneously On Hong Kong Issue


On the issue of Hong Kong independence, the US has ended three agreements with China simultaneously. US President Trump says that this will now benefit his country commercially.


  • US has terminated three agreements with China
  • This step has been taken on the issue of freedom of Hong Kong
  • China enacted National Security Act last month in Hong Kong

Washington: Angered by the suppression of people’s freedom in Hong Kong, the US has suspended three agreements simultaneously, giving China a big blow. While this decision of the US is considered a major setback for China, President Donald Trump says that it will ultimately benefit America’s business interests.

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President Trump said on Wednesday, “We have given all kinds of incentives to Hong Kong to maintain independence there.” This helped Hong Kong to develop, but China has now lost the independence of its people and the US is not going to give them any more incentives. ‘ He also said that the business which was formerly in China will now come to America.

National Security Act in Hong Kong

China enacted the National Security Law in Hong Kong last month. It has come into effect from 1 July. It is considered a great weapon to destroy the freedom of Hong Kong people. Under this, activities such as separatist, destructive, terrorist, foreign intervention have been classified as crimes which can carry up to life imprisonment.

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China has implemented this law in Hong Kong 23 years after the British rulers handed it over to the region. The Basic Law Agreement under which Hong Kong was assigned to China in 1997 is also called ‘one country, two system’ and under this, people were united and given such rights including protest, freedom of expression. , Which people in other parts of China do not have.

US State Department Response

Hong Kong’s independence has been seen by China as a major threat to itself and has finally implemented the National Security Act, which has been expressed by other Western countries, including the US. According to US State Department Spokesman Morgan Ortguss, “President Trump has made it clear that America will now see Hong Kong as ‘one country, one system’ and will take action against those who crush people’s freedom here.”

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