Ukraine War: For The First Time In The Midst Of Ukraine War, Russian Army Evacuated Indians From Kherson


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Three Indians trapped in the Kherson city of South Ukraine, which has been occupied by Russia, have been rescued with the help of the Russian army. 

This is the first time since the attack on Ukraine that the Russian army has stepped forward and helped the Indians to get out safely. 

The Indian Embassy in Moscow played a key role in evacuating these three Indians – a student and two businessmen – via Simferopol (Crimea) and Moscow. 

According to the Indian Express report, a diplomat from the embassy in Moscow said that we facilitated them to board a convoy of buses leaving for Simferopol and then helped them to come to Moscow by train.

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After this they left by flight on Tuesday. There was a student in this who is going to Chennai. 

There were two businessmen who are going to Ahmedabad. This is the first time that Russian forces have helped evacuate Indians from Ukrainian territory. 

Earlier more than 22000 Indians have been evacuated from the war-torn area. 

Of this, more than 17,000 were evacuated by special flights by the Government of India. 

A large section of these men managed to escape safely as a ceasefire was declared from both Ukraine and Russia.

Indians via Russia for the first time

Almost all Indians trapped in Ukraine left the war-torn region via the western borders – Poland, Hungary, Romania and the Slovak Republic. 

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This is the first case of safe evacuation of Indians via Eastern Border and Russia. 

A top Russian Defense Ministry official has said that its troops have taken control of the entire region of Kherson. 

The capital of the province of the same name was captured on 3 March.

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