State Of The Union Speech: Joe Biden Said – America Stands With Ukraine, Know What Else The Us President Said

US President Joe Biden gave the ‘State of the Union Speech’ on Tuesday. He started the speech with the discussion of Ukraine. He said that America stands with the people of Ukraine. He criticized Russian President Vladimir Putin a lot. He appealed to the people to support Ukraine. On Thursday last week, Russia launched an attack on Ukraine.

Democratic and Republican lawmakers welcomed Biden’s speech with applause to support Ukraine. Several MPs were seen waving Ukrainian flags. Biden said Putin has no idea what is going to happen next.

Every year the US President informs the Parliament about his achievements, plans and programs. This is called the State of the Union speech. Bidney has completed one year as president. During this, his focus was on saving people’s lives from the corona epidemic. Second, he tried to support the US economy battered by the pandemic. For this, programs worth millions of dollars were started.

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But, given the international developments, the focus of Biden’s speech was the Ukraine Crisis. He strongly criticized Putin, saying that the Russian president had made a mistake in guessing Ukraine. “He (Putin) thought he would be able to trample Ukraine and the world would watch. On the contrary, he faced a stronger wall than he could have imagined,” Bidney said.

Biden praised Ukrainian President V Zelensky and the Ukrainian people. “His fearlessness, courage and determination have inspired the entire world,” he said. He said Putin ignored efforts to avoid war. 

Putin started the war without any provocation. He rejected diplomatic efforts. “Putin thought the West and NATO would not respond. Putin was wrong. We were ready,” Biden said. He said that the US would close its airspace to Russian aircraft.

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Bidney also discussed the recovery in the US economy on this occasion. He said that the growth of the economy has accelerated. It has shown the fastest growth since 1984. 

66 lakh job opportunities have been created. The government has distributed crores of Kovid-19 vaccines. He also said that for the first time in America, a black woman has been nominated to the Supreme Court.

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