Russian Corona Vaccine: Got 1 Billion Dose Order From 20 Countries, Production Will Start From September

Kirill Dimitrij, head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, said he had received orders to make one billion doses from 20 countries for the vaccine.

The whole world was counting the wait for the Corona Vaccine, finally Russia ended that wait and today i.e. on Tuesday August 11, Russia President Vladimir Putin Putin has announced that His country has made the world’s first corona virus vaccine. 

Putin said that Russia’s Ministry of Health has approved this corona virus vaccine. Since the announcement of President Putin, the demand for Russian vaccine has increased in countries all over the world and so far about 1 billion doses of orders have been received for this vaccine.

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The Russian Direct Investment Fund has been funded by the Russian Corona Vaccine Project. Kirill Dimitrij, head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, said that he had received orders to make one billion doses for this vaccine from 20 countries. 

He further said that industrial production of this vaccine is expected to start from September. However, which countries have placed orders for this vaccine, it is not yet clear.

Putin said in a meeting with government officials that this vaccine of the Korana virus is working effectively and is creating a stable immunity. According to the news published in NBT, Putin also said that we hope to be able to start mass production of this drug in the near future.

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Let us know that Russia’s Deputy Health Minister Oleg Gridnev said last Friday that Russia will register its first vaccine against the corona virus on August 12. He said that the vaccine was developed jointly by the Gamalaya Research Institute and the Russian Ministry of Defense.

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