Russia-Ukraine War: Why Did Twitter Users Warn Elon Musk, Russia Poisons Enemies

Elon Musk: With Western countries imposing sanctions on Russia over its attack on Ukraine, Roscosmos, the chief of Russia’s space agency, has warned countries of dire consequences if sanctions continue via Twitter.

In a series of tweets, Roscosmos gf Dmitry Rogozin warned that severe sanctions could cause the International Space Station (ISS) to crash in any country that opposes Moscow in the ongoing military operation in Ukraine. Huh.

Who will stop the ISS from falling on America, Europe, India or China?

In a tweet, Rogozin said who will stop the ISS from falling on either America, Europe, India or China. Elon Musk has now come forward in this matter and has responded with an image of SpaceX.

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Clarifying his tweet, the SpaceX CEO said, what he really means is that his company will stop the ISS from falling to Earth.

Vodka is paying the price for the war between Russia and Ukraine, restrictions around the world

Your mission is important to humanity

While many Twitter users praised Elon Musk’s move, many others cautioned him that he could be a target of Russia.

A Twitter user @IvanDamnit tweeted, “Alan you know what you’re doing. Please don’t put yourself in a situation where you appear to be hindering the ambitions of an eccentric man. And if you do so, do so thoughtfully. Your mission is important to humanity, we need you here.”

Russia poisons enemies, Twitter users warn

Another user Keith Dorshner said, “Russia poisons its enemies. Alan please be careful.”

ISS is a project of many countries and has been orbiting for more than 21 years. One of the world’s most ambitious projects, the ISS was launched in the year 1988 and is supported by Russia, Japan, Canada and the European Space Agency (ESA).

Despite the US and other Western countries announcing sanctions on Russia, NASA said it would continue to cooperate with Russia in operating the ISS.

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