Russia Ukraine War: Vodka Has To Pay For The War Between Russia And Ukraine, Russian Vodka Banned Worldwide

Everyone is paying the price for the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. Even campaigns have been started against Russian liquor makers and their brands. 

Russian vodka is being boycotted in many countries, including America and Australia, in order to cause economic damage to Russia. 

Let us tell you that Russian Vodka is famous all over the world for its quality. But due to the war of two countries, this vodka is now being seen as an enemy.

At least three US states have banned vodka. The governor of the US state of New Hampshire, Chris Sununu, has banned the sale of Russian-made and Russian-branded vodka in state stores. 

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The shopkeepers have been asked to immediately remove such vodka from the counter.

Canada is also trying to inflict economic damage on Russia through vodka. Condemning Russia’s attack on Ukraine, Canada has started banning Russian vodka and Russian beverage items. 

The government has said that local shopkeepers should not sell brands made in Russia here. According to a report by Reuters news agency, Russian spirit is being removed from shops in the provinces of Manitoba and Newfoundland. Many of New Zealand’s leading alcohol retail chains have banned Russian brand vodka from here.

Dan Murphy’s and BWS, Australia’s two biggest wine chains, have also banned the sale of Russian products, according to Sydney-based Endeavor Group Ltd. Their market value is $9.2 billion.

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out of international games

International and European countries have also banned Russian teams from participating in all international football tournaments, according to media reports. 

It also includes qualifying matches for the 2022 Football World Cup. Earlier, the International Olympic Committee has also asked Russian players and officials to be excluded from international sporting events. 

At the same time, the International Ice Hockey Federation and the National Hockey League have also taken tough measures against Russia.

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