Russia Ukraine War: Ukraine Posted Hitler-Putin Cartoon, Said- ‘This Is Not A Meme, But A Reality’

A cartoon has been posted from the official Twitter handle of the government of Ukraine, which shows Nazi leader Adolf Hitler happily licking Russian President Vladimir Putin’s cheek.

Russia-Ukraine War: Crisis and creativity almost go hand in hand. For centuries, we have seen art flourish whenever tragedy strikes around the world. The ongoing Russia and Ukraine crisis cannot be an exception to this.

With Russia declaring war on Ukraine, firing missiles and sending tanks, a cartoon has been posted from the official Twitter handle of the Ukrainian government, which shows Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in joy with Russian President Vladimir. Putting (Vladimir Putin) hands on the cheek. However, this cartoon has been posted without any text.

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“This is not a meme, but a reality of the present era”

Some Twitterati are calling it a meme, while the official handle said, “It is not a meme, but it is a reality of the current era.”

After weeks of denying plans to attack neighboring Ukraine, Russian forces on Thursday fired missiles at several Ukrainian cities and sent troops within its borders.

Ukraine is being attacked from five areas

Russia fired several missiles, weapons as well as airstrikes a day earlier, while Ukraine’s interior ministry said the capital Kiev was being targeted and urged citizens to stay indoors. The Ukraine Border Guard said shelling was coming from five regions, including Crimea in the south and Belarus in the north, and Russian forces were entering the country.

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Biden warns of severe sanctions on Russia

The European Union said it would freeze Russian assets, ban its banks’ access to the European financial market and target the interests of the “Kremlin” against its “brutal attack”.

In addition, US President Joe Biden pledged to impose “severe” G7 sanctions over Putin’s “planned war”.

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