Russia-Ukraine War: Russia’s Biggest Claim – ‘Mariupol Now We Have Occupancy’


Russia-Ukraine war has been going on for 56 days. Many Ukrainian cities have been devastated. Russian forces have also captured Mariupol, Ukraine’s largest port city. 

Russia’s Defense Ministry has made the claim. Russia’s Defense Ministry quoted the AFP news agency as saying that “the Russian army has captured the entire Mariupol except the Azovastal plant.” 

However the Ukrainian government is still not ready to accept it. The Ukrainian military says war is on. Ukraine’s military has sought help from other countries.

Russian troops are conducting a continuous operation here to wipe out the Ukrainian army. Russian tanks and armored vehicles are racing through the streets and destroying the city. Ukraine’s military is also responding to a Russian attack. The bodies of the people are lying on the road. There is screaming and destruction all around.

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Russian forces on Wednesday laid siege to Ukrainian forces hiding in a huge Azovastal plant in Mariupol. It is probably Ukraine’s last stronghold in Mariupol. 

“We probably have a few days or a few hours left,” said a soldier hiding inside, asking for help in the video. Attempts to evacuate trapped civilians in the port city have been foiled by bombings. 

The Kremlin, meanwhile, said in a draft of its demands to end the war that the number of people fleeing the country had reached 5 million.

Earlier, the Russian military told Ukrainian troops stationed in Mariupol that if they laid down their weapons, they would be guaranteed a live defeat. 

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The Russian Defense Ministry made the announcement on Sunday. However, Ukraine has once again refused to lay down arms.

Before Mariupol, Russian forces occupied the city of Crimea in eastern Ukraine. Ukrainian troops have retreated from here. According to Reuters, the regional governor gave this information on Tuesday. Crimea, with a population of more than 18,000 before the war with Russia, has become the first city to be confirmed by Russian forces since Russia launched a new invasion of eastern Ukraine.

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