Pakistan Spent Rs 55 Crore In 3 Years To Take Imran Khan From Home To Office


In Pakistan, Imran Khan’s deeds are coming one after another after being removed from the post of Prime Minister. Earlier, the issue of selling gifts received from abroad came up, now there is a big revelation about the expenses incurred on Imran Khan. 

Pakistan’s new finance minister Miftah Ismail has revealed that former prime minister Imran Khan had to spend Rs 55 crore in three years and eight months to reach the PM’s secretariat by helicopter from his Bani Gala home.

According to Sama TV, when in power, Khan used a helicopter to get to his office almost every day. The money was spent on fuel used in helicopters. Shortly after coming to power, Khan faced criticism when he started using helicopters for daily commute.

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However, Fawad Chaudhry, who was the information minister in Imran Khan’s cabinet at the time, claimed that the price would be Rs 55 per km. Ismail said he had documentary evidence to support his claim.

The finance minister also said that the previous PTI government had spent Rs. 2,500 billion in circular loans and Rs. Took a circular loan of Rs 1,500 billion. 

Ismail also said he was comfortable working with State Bank of Pakistan Governor Reza Bakir, who was appointed by the Imran Khan government. 

The minister said the government needed to revive the IMF program to avoid an economic crisis and could even borrow money from Saudi Arabia.

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Meanwhile, the Islamabad High Court on Wednesday directed the country’s Deputy Attorney General Arshad Kayani to ensure implementation of the order of the Pakistan Information Commission, which asked the heads of several countries after taking office in August 2018. Details of the gifts given are given. Said to disclose. This information has been given in the media news.

Justice Mian Gul Hassan Aurangzeb issued the directions while hearing two petitions in the case. 

In one petition, one citizen has demanded implementation of the PIC order and in another, the order has been challenged by the Cabinet Department.

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