Donald Trump Told Tiktok, ‘Sell Your Business In 6 Weeks, Otherwise You Will Be Out Of America’

After India, the US has agreed to ban China’s popular video app Tiktok (TikTok). Have asked to sell your business. 

Washington: US President Donald Trump has given China-based popular video app Tiktok (TikTok) time to escape an American company from its business in the US within 6 weeks. He said that if he does not do so, he will go out of business in America. 

The government wants a financial benefit in this deal. Trump said it got ownership here. We do not want any problem in security. Trump said that Microsoft (Microsoft) was in talks to buy Tiktok, which has a billion users worldwide who make 60-second videos with its smartphone app.

But US officials say the app poses a national security threat because it can share the personal data of millions of Americans with Chinese intelligence. Trump gave the company’s Chinese parents ByteDance a deal by mid-September. He said that I set a date around September 15, after which it is going to go out of business in the United States. 

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Whatever the price, they said that the United States should get a very large share of that price because we are making it possible. Trump had last week threatened to ban a video-sharing app widely popular among people. Concerns were raised in the US administration after reports of this app posing a threat to national security.

Microsoft, a leading technology sector company, has said that it will continue negotiations to buy the US business of TikTok, a China-owned video-sharing app. The company said this after a conversation between its Indian-origin CEO Satya Nadella and President Donald Trump. 

This statement from Microsoft came after a statement by Trump. Trump has said that he can use emergency economic powers or government orders to ban TickTock in the US on issues related to national security.

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Microsoft, headquartered in Redmond, said in a statement on Sunday that it was willing to continue discussions on the possibility of buying TickTock in the US following the talks between Nadella and Trump. She said that she would begin negotiations with Tittock’s parent company ByteDance as soon as possible and would complete the negotiations by 15 September. The company said that during this process Microsoft will continue to negotiate with the US government, including President Trump.

The national debate has also started in the US after India banned dozens of China’s apps, including TicketLock, and the demand for similar steps against the Chinese app has been gaining momentum. In June, India had banned 59 apps from China, including TicketLock, UC Browser, and said that these apps were harmful to the sovereignty, integrity and security of the country.

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