China Wants To Take Advantage Of Russia-Ukraine War, America Will Also Be Financially Strong


China, which supports Russia amid the war with Ukraine, seems to be getting the real advantage. Experts believe that China was preparing to vote against the resolution brought against Russia in the United Nations Security Council, but when contact was made from the US and then it decided to abstain instead of voting in protest. . 

In this way, he kept Russia on the one hand by being absent and on the other hand did not annoy America too much. Not only this, only China seems to be benefiting from the economic sanctions imposed on Russia. 

On the one hand, China has approved the import of wheat from Russia, while on the other hand it is trying to access Russia’s oil and gas reserves. Although the Chinese media has claimed that America is benefiting the most from the Ukraine war.

How China benefits from western countries!

Iran is the biggest example of how China gets the benefit of banning someone from Western countries. Last year, China signed a $400 billion deal with Iran. Under this, China has decided that it will invest heavily in it and in return, the uninterrupted supply of oil should continue. 

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Iran has been seen to be dependent on China in the last few years, but it has no choice. If such stringent sanctions on Russia from the Western countries continue, then it will also have no choice and China will continue to get cheap oil and gas. This is his biggest advantage from this war. 

Apart from this, due to the steps of Western countries, Russia may be isolated on the global stage. This can give China an opportunity to strengthen political and economic ties with all the countries in the region.

America claims Russia asked for military equipment from China

Russia’s ‘special military operation’ against Ukraine does not seem to find much support in China. The Chinese government is with this move of Russia, but there are many people in the corridors of power who are looking at Russia’s intentions with suspicion. On February 4 this year, China and Russia signed a joint statement in Beijing. 

In view of that statement, it was being speculated in Beijing’s Power Corridor that Russia would show a strong attitude to get Ukraine to make its point, but would not take steps like attack, but Russia attacked. 

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Now the US Financial Times and the Washington Post quoted US officials on Sunday as saying that Russia has asked China for military equipment since the February 24 invasion of Ukraine. 

Although, A spokesman for the Chinese embassy in Washington said he was not aware of Russia’s request for help.

China benefits from Russia’s weakness

How uncomfortable China is with Ukraine’s move, it is known from another thing. The Chinese-backed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank has stopped all its activities related to Russia and Belarus. 

China is a founding member of this bank. China has 26.5% voting power in this bank. Russia has 6 percent voting power. China is also concerned about the safety of its citizens in Ukraine. 

He is eyeing the campaign to get them out of there. Experts believe that China could benefit from Russia’s weakness in the former Soviet Union’s geographical space, including Central Asia. 

Due to the sanctions imposed by Western countries, Russia’s economy may be weakened. Its defense industry can also be affected by this. If this happens, the countries of Central Asia can move closer to China. Security cooperation between them can also increase.

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China claims America will benefit from natural gas

The Chinese media Global Times reported that Russia exported 199.6 billion cubic meters of natural gas to Europe in 2021. This was 81 percent of Russia’s total natural gas exports, but the Ukraine crisis will reduce Russia’s exports to Europe to just 72.6 billion cubic meters per year. America is ready to supply it. 

The US has increased its production target of natural gas by one trillion cubic meters in 2022 and is now looking for buyers. Countries in Europe will turn to the US for natural gas after sanctions on Russia. 

In view of the Ukraine crisis, there has been a huge fall in the ruble of Russia. The dollar has strengthened against other currencies of the world. 

The Global Times says that in view of the crisis in Ukraine, the US dollar will strengthen further. Even in 2014, when there was instability in Ukraine, between February and December, the dollar gained 8.7 percent against the currency of other countries.

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