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Now The General Public Complaint Will Be Resolved In 45 Days, The Center Has Reduced The Time Limit From 60 Days To 45 Days

Taking a major decision, the Narendra Modi government has reduced the maximum time limit for resolving public grievances to 45 days from the present 60 days.  A recommendation was given by a parliamentary committee regarding this.  The government has received more than 22 lakh complaints from the public on a single portal last year and 12 million such complaints have already...

Russian Corona Vaccine: Got 1 Billion Dose Order From 20 Countries, Production Will Start From September

Kirill Dimitrij, head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, said he had received orders to make one billion doses from 20 countries for the vaccine. The whole world was counting the wait for the Corona Vaccine, finally Russia ended that wait and today i.e. on Tuesday August 11, Russia President Vladimir Putin Putin has announced that His country has made...

Russia Coronavirus Vaccine: First Vaccine Of Covid-19, First Vaccine Given To Putin’s Daughter

This vaccine has been prepared by the Ministry of Defense and Gamalaya National Center for Research on Epidemiology and Microbiology of Moscow. Russia has overtaken all countries in the race to make vaccines to overcome the Korna virus epidemic. Russia has won the Corona virus vaccine. Russian President Vladimir Putin has announced the creation of the world's first corona virus vaccine.  On Tuesday,...

Ashley Giles On Jofra Archer: Jofra Archer Violates Covid-19 Rule, England Feared Loss Of Huge Amount

Ashley Giles on Jofra Archer: Archer's name was removed from the team because he moved to his home country on Monday. They thus violated strict guidelines for the corona virus. HEADLINES Jofra Archer violates Covid-19 rules Jofra Archer dropped out of team before second test Jofra Archer will face internal disciplinary action Manchester: Breach of Jofra Archer's Corona Virus regulations is a potential disaster, causing huge...