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Russian Corona Vaccine: Got 1 Billion Dose Order From 20 Countries, Production Will Start From September

Kirill Dimitrij, head of the Russian Direct Investment Fund, said he had received orders to make one billion doses from 20 countries for the vaccine. The whole world was counting the wait for the Corona Vaccine, finally Russia ended that wait and today i.e. on Tuesday August 11, Russia President Vladimir Putin Putin has announced that His country has made...

Use Of Tobacco Products Increases The Risk Of Spreading Corona Virus: Ministry Of Health

The Union Health Ministry warned that smokers are more likely to be exposed to Kovid-19 as smoking means that fingers are exposed to lips. New Delhi: The  Union Health Ministry has warned that the use of tobacco products can increase respiratory infections and such people are more susceptible to the corona virus. He said that smokers are more at risk of being...