Sanju Samson on Rahul Tewatiya: Why Was Rahul Tewatia Sent To Bat At Number 4? Sanju Samson Revealed


Sanju Samson praised Rahul Tewatiya fiercely. Samson said that despite struggling in the beginning, Tewatia did not throw her wicket and eventually became a hero.


  • Sanju Samson praised Rahul Tewtiya fiercely
  • Samson explained the reason for sending Tevatia to number four
  • Rajasthan register a record win over Punjab with Tewatiya-Samson’s innings

Sharjah : Rahul Tewtia smashed five sixes in the 18th over of the innings by Sheldon Cottrell and thanks to a superb innings by Sanju Samson (85), Rajasthan Royals defeated Kings XI Punjab celebrating Super Sunday at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium. 

The Rajasthan Royals also held the record for chasing the biggest goal in IPL history, winning the match by four wickets.

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However, for a time, Punjab’s clear winner was seen. Rajasthan’s score was 140/2 in 15 overs, needing 84 runs from 30 balls to win. 

Sanju Samson then looked in a good rhythm scoring 64 runs from 35 balls, while Rahul Tewtia was struggling with 14 runs from 21 balls. 

However, Tewatia was determined not to lose his wicket and just kept on waiting for a shot. 

After Samson’s dismissal, Tewatia smashed five sixes in the 18th over. The game was reversed from here and Rajasthan won the match on sight. 

Talking about Rahul Tewatia, Sanju Samson said, ‘It was a very brave innings. He never lost courage. 

During the partnership, I was able to see that they were unable to connect. But he continued to play and he has the ability to score 30 runs in an international player’s over. This would have greatly increased her confidence. ‘

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The logic of sending Rahul Tevtia to number-4

Why was Rahul Tewtia, who played as a spinner, was sent to bat on fourth order over Robin Uthappa and Ryan Prayag. 

When Steve Smith was out, the Royals needed 124 runs from 66 balls to win. What was the logic of sending Rahul to number four under so much pressure? 

Sanju Samson responded, ‘I think this was the thinking of our coach Andrew McDonald and Zubeen (Director of Cricket). 

A lot of hard work has been done on Rahul Tewatia. I think he is a regular leg spinner and the management also showed his ability to bat during the practice match. 

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So it was decided to send him upstairs. I think it was a good move and Tewatia made everyone feel proud.

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