Gurnam Bhullar Diamond Punjabi Song: Gurnam Bhullar’s Punjabi Song Became A Hit, Viewed Over 41 Crore Times


Gurnam Bhullar Diamond Punjabi Song: Punjabi singer likes the songs of Gurnam Bhullar in large numbers. His song Damand has also been very much discussed and continues to rock the internet.

Gurnam Bhullar Punjabi Song: Punjabi singer Gurnam is a popular singer among fans and his songs are often a hit. His songs include a Diamond Song, in which he himself is included in the video. He is seen in the song with a desi-style girl. Also, a modern city look is seen in the back ground. The song has been shot at different locations, not confined to one place, and at the same time, the tune of Dosti Yari’s tune is also seen.

The lyrics have been written by Vicky Dhaliwal and the music has been given by Iqwinder Singhu. You can watch the video to learn more about the song.

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