What Not To Eat In Gas Problem: These 5 Things Increase The Problem Of Gas In The Stomach, If You Have Difficulty Then Do Not Consume

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The problem of gas in the stomach is very troublesome. If you also have this difficulty, then you should avoid the consumption of these things.


  • Many people have stomach gas problem
  • Due to this, one feels headache, chest pain also
  • Some things should not be consumed when there is gas.

In today’s era, the disease of gas has become a very common disease that you see in most people. Earlier this disease used to occur only in older people, but today due to contaminated and untimely food, the disease of gas is taking young men and children in their ranks. 

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Your stomach swells when there is gas and there is no desire to eat or drink anything. Sometimes you feel like a severe headache, chest pain or dizziness.

Here we will tell you what vegetables you should not eat if you are struggling with gas problem.

  1. Jackfruit: Vegetarians call jackfruit as their non-veg. Its vegetable is very tasty. So people like it very much. However, if you have gas, then you should avoid jackfruit as it will increase your gas problem further.
  2. Ghuniya or Arabic : Ghuniya’s vegetable is liked by the people. Some people like it with tari and some people like to eat it dry. Sometimes it is also cooked and cooked well with lentils. But a person suffering from gastric problem should not consume it as it can increase your problem further.
  3. Radish: White radish is a winter vegetable that is eaten all over India. Some people eat it as a salad, some people make paratha and some make it pickle. But radish increases gas related diseases, so do not consume radish if you are troubled by gastric.
  4. White Chole: Chole Puri, Chole Bhature, Chole Rice, you will find this dish very easily in North India. But chickpeas often become the cause of gas, and those who have constipation problem should not eat chickpeas in particular.
  5. Rajma: Rajma rice is eaten with great fervor in every household from Punjab to North India. Rajma rice is made once a week in every household. But you should know that Rajma is harmful for rice gas problem. If you are struggling with gas problem then you should not eat kidney beans at all.
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If the problem of gas is to be overcome, then instead of sitting for the whole day, make a habit of walking. Also keep drinking hot water and eat things like celery, black salt.  

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