Coronavirus Immunity Period: How Long Do You Live After Being Infected With The Corona Virus? Learn What CDC Said


How many days can anyone stay immunized after being infected with Corona virus? Various speculations are being made about this, on which the CDC has now made a new update.


  • How long does immunity last after recovering from a corona virus infection?
  • When do those recovering from infections need to be tested for Kovid-19 again?
  • There are many questions, which have not received an exact answer, but the CDC has updated it on this.

New Delhi: Corona virus is causing havoc across the world, so far over 7.69 lakh people have been killed, while over 2.16 crore people are vulnerable to this deadly disease. Meanwhile, it is also being said that once a corona virus is recovered after getting infected by the infection, then there is no possibility of coming back from this deadly disease. However, in the meantime, many such research also came, which showed that once the corona infection is recovered, there is no guarantee that it will not come back again.

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How long is the immunity?

Scientists, however, believe that once the corona infection is overcome, antibodies are formed in the body of the person for some time, which again protects them from the deadly disease. But how long can this happen? After all, how long can a person stay immunized after getting corona virus and do not need to test it for this deadly disease?

Although nothing has been said so far in response to these questions, according to whatever the US Public Health Center Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has updated about this, Those who have recovered after being exposed to a corona infection do not need to undergo a test or go to quarantine for about three months or until symptoms of infection are present.

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When is the test required?

So, should we assume that once the corona virus is overcome, this fatal disease will not reach the person concerned for three months? However, nothing has been cleared about this. According to the CDC, people who have symptoms of the infection once again within three months of recovering from the infection and no other cause is identified, then it is necessary to have a Kovid-19 test.

The question is also that after recovering from corona virus infection, does everyone have immunity for three months without being exposed to that deadly disease or how does this immunity actually work against corona virus? There are many other questions, whose exact scientific answer has not been found so far. However, a lot of scientific research is being done around the world on corona virus infection, which is expected to answer these questions in the coming time.

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