Twitter Now Plans To Give Musk Access To Data On Bots

The board of microblogging platform Twitter is now planning to give Elon Musk access to a vast stream of ‘firehose’ data, which includes more than 500 million tweets being posted each day. 

The Washington Post has given this information, citing a person familiar with the company’s thinking. 

Shortly after he struck a $44 billion deal to acquire Twitter in April, Musk is seeking information on spam and fake accounts. 

On Monday, he threatened to cancel the deal if the company failed to provide the data.

To end the standoff with the billionaire, the Twitter board plans to comply with access to data that is required to evaluate the number of fake users on the platform. 

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According to the report, a person said on condition of anonymity that the information could be provided as soon as this week. The data includes not only a real-time record of Tweets, but also the devices they tweet from, as well as information about the accounts that Tweet. 

It has been available for years to companies that pay Twitter for its ability to analyze it to find patterns and insights into daily interactions. Currently some two dozen companies pay for access to it.

The Tesla and SpaceX CEO has previously said he does not believe Twitter’s findings that false or spam accounts represent less than 5 percent of its monetized daily active users (229 million).

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In a letter sent to Twitter on Monday, addressed to Twitter’s general counsel Vijaya Gadde, Musk’s legal team argued that the data stream is necessary to understand the amount of spam and bot activity on its platform. A figure that can affect a company’s advertising revenue.

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