Where Is Abbas, Who Got A Place In The Prime Minister’s Blog Now?, PM Modi’s Younger Brother Gave Information

Abbas Ramsada, a Muslim boy who lived in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s ancestral house in Vadnagar for more than three years in the 70s and became a close member of his family, now lives happily with family in Sydney, Australia after retirement is living Prime Minister’s younger brother Prahlad Modi gave this information on Monday. 

Let us inform that Prime Minister Modi had written a blog on the 100th birthday of his mother Hiraba on Saturday, in which he had mentioned Abbas Ramsada. 

Abbas was a friend and classmate of the youngest of the Modi brothers, Pankaj Modi.

Prahlad Modi, president of Gujarat Fair Price Shop Owners Association, said, “Abbas had become an integral part of the Modi family. 

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The Prime Minister has mentioned in his blog how his father Damodardas had brought his son Abbas home after the death of his friend. 

The Prime Minister wrote that a close friend of my father lived in a nearby village. After his untimely death, my father brought his son Abbas to our house. 

He completed his education by staying with us. Mother (Heeraben) loved Abbas as much as we brothers. 

Every year on Eid, she would cook food of Abbas’s choice.

  • Prahlad Modi told that Abbas Ramsada was a resident of Kesimpa village of Vadnagar town in Mehsana district and was a classmate of Pankaj Modi at BN High School in Vadnagar. 
  • He said, “When Pankaj came to know that Abbas might have to drop out due to the death of his father, he requested his parents to do something for him. 
  • Without any hesitation my father brought him (Abbas) to our house and ensured that his education was completed. 
  • He stayed with us till we passed 10th standard.”
  • Prahlad said that in the early 70s, Abbas lived with the Modi family as a member of the family for about four years.
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