Terrorist Organization Al Qaeda Threatens Suicide Attack In India, Gujarat And Mumbai Will Be Targets

Terrorist organization Al Qaeda has threatened a suicide attack in India. Al Qaeda said in its threatening message that Gujarat and many states including Mumbai and UP are under target. 

He has issued a two-page statement through his media channel. 

Let us tell you that there is a ruckus in the Gulf countries after the BJP leader’s remarks on Prophet Mohammad. 

Although, the BJP has suspended its leader, yet the matter is not calm.

It is written in the letter that ‘we will kill every courageous person in the world, who speaks against the dignity of the Prophet, in suicide attacks’. 

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Al-Qaeda has described Hindus as terrorists, calling them occupiers of India, and calling themselves fighters for the dignity of the Prophet.

The letter reads, ‘We will request others to fight and die for the honor of our prophets. We will kill those who insult our  Prophet  and we will bomb our bodies and the bodies of our children to blow up those who dare to defame our Prophet.’ 

It is clearly written in the letter, ‘Saffron terrorists must now wait for their end in Delhi, Mumbai, UP and Gujarat. 

Such people will neither be able to stay safe in their home nor their army will be able to protect them.

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Gazwa-e-Hind was mentioned in the letter

The letter clearly refers to the remarks made on the Prophet by BJP spokespersons during a debate on TV channels of the Indian media. 

It is written in the letter that we should remind our brothers living in the subcontinent that our prophet has already told us about the war of India (Gazwa-e-Hind) and predicted the victory of Muslims in this war. 

The letter reads, ‘At the same time we will bring a wave of death and destruction to the rulers of India, and will be crucified, imprisoned and chained.’

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