Responding To People’s Taunts As IAS, Now The Same People Give Children Learning To Become Aarti Dogra


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IAS success story: IAS Arti Dogra of Uttarakhand, who once taunted him due to his physical weakness, today he teaches his children to be like them. Let us learn how Aarti made her weakness strong.


  • People used to give taunts to Aarti due to the low height
  • Aarti cracked UPSC in first time
  • Many villages of Rajasthan improved after becoming IAS

New Delhi: On 18 July 1979, seeing the strength and courage of Aarti, who lives in Vijay Colony of Dehradun, Uttarakhand, people learn their children to be like them, but there was a time when these people used to taunt Aarti Dogra. . He used to make fun of them and wondered what would happen to this girl, but this girl by her ability made such a name for herself and her family that today the same people do not get tired of talking to them. Aarti started listening taunts since childhood due to her low height. But these jokes and taunts created no inferiority in him but a strength. She had decided that one day she would reduce her shortage on the strength of her ability and hard work.

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Aarti’s father, Colonel Rajendra Dogra, and Kumkum, the head of the institution in a private school, never underestimated his daughter. When Aarti was born, the doctors had told that everything is right in the girl, but her physical development is very slow. In her childhood, she used to look much younger than her age children and people used to get this means to taunt and make fun of them. Not only this, people had advised Aarti’s parents to have a second child, they decided to make this only daughter a success and the result is that Aarti Dogra is an IAS officer.

Aarti knew where she is strong

Aarti Dogra knew that height or age is only a number, some have more then some, but knowledge is such a thing that if one has it, everyone asks it. And he kept his focus on his studies. He knew that people who taunt could not win with knowledge and they did so. Enrolled at Welham Girls School, Dehradun. After this, he graduated in Economics from Lady Shri Ram College, the top college of Delhi University. Then went to Dehradun for post graduation.

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Women IAS gave inspiration

During the post graduation, Aarti met Manisha Panwar, the first woman IAS of Uttarakhand. Looking at Aarti’s education and hard work, Manisha Panwar said that she must prepare for UPSC. Manisha Panwar’s advice to Aarti was seen as her next goal and she started preparing for it.

IAS became the 56th rank

Aarti started preparing for UPSC and in the first time in 2005, she achieved 56th rank at All India level. After becoming an IAS, he was selected for the Rajasthan cadre. Currently serves as Special Secretary to the Chief Minister of Rajasthan.

Posting of IAS Aarti Dogra

Aarti Dogra was first posted as ADM in Udaipur after IAS training in the year 2006-2007. After this she was also SDM in Alwar and Ajmer Beawar. Then she became DM of Bundi in 2010 and then DM in Bikaner and Ajmer. Aarti was also the Managing Director of Jodhpur Discom. On 1 January 2019, she held the post of Joint Secretary to the Chief Minister from 19 December 2018 to 31 December 2018 before being appointed as Special Secretary to the Chief Minister.

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi also praised Aarti

Aarti Dogra has created a distinct identity among people through her work. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has also praised Aarti Dogre’s style of working. Aarti Dogra started the ‘Bunko Bikano’ campaign while being the District Collector in Bikaner. In this, people were motivated not to defecate in the open. Pucca toilets were built from village to village, which were monitored through mobile software. His campaign was carried out in 195 gram panchayats and later this pattern was worked on in many places.

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