Rafale Fighter Jet Price: Congress Asked The Government To Tell The Price Of Rafale Aircraft, Know Everything Here


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The opposition has often questioned the cost of Rafale aircraft. Now when the Rafale aircraft will be on Indian soil after some time, the Congress has once again asked the question.


  • Five Rafale fighter jets will land at Ambala airbase after some time from now.
  • There is an attacker on the Modi government over the price of Rafale fighter jets
  • Cleanliness prices came from the NDA government on the opposition’s questions less than the deal done during the UPA government

New Delhi. Five Rafale aircraft will land at Ambala airbase shortly after now. Rafale will increase India’s air power further. Rafael is believed to be effective in targeting infallible. In addition, it can hit enemy targets at very high speed. On the one hand, the whole country is excited about the news of Rafael’s arrival and the Congress has once again targeted the prices. Digvijay Singh of Congress asked that the government should now tell the price of the planes.

Basic Rafale costs around 90 million euros
Normally, the cost of Rafael which is equipped with the same is about 90 million Euros, if converted to Indian rupees, then the price is about 673 crores. But when accessories are added to it, then its value comes to around 1600 crores. It is worth noting here that this price is also dependent on the market price of the rupee. If the price of rupee falls then the price of Rafale will go up. 

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