Ashley Giles On Jofra Archer: Jofra Archer Violates Covid-19 Rule, England Feared Loss Of Huge Amount


Ashley Giles on Jofra Archer: Archer’s name was removed from the team because he moved to his home country on Monday. They thus violated strict guidelines for the corona virus.


  • Jofra Archer violates Covid-19 rules
  • Jofra Archer dropped out of team before second test
  • Jofra Archer will face internal disciplinary action

Manchester: Breach of Jofra Archer’s Corona Virus regulations is a potential disaster, causing huge sums of money, according to England management director Ashley Giles. England announced in a dramatic way that Jofra Archer is being dropped for the second test. The second test of the three-match series between England and West Indies began on Thursday in Manchester.

Archer’s name was removed from the team as he moved to his home country on Monday. They thus violated strict guidelines for the corona virus. The report of the test of Kovid-19 from the person Archer met has been found to be negative. In violation of Archer’s rules, the England and Wales Cricket Board made a determined effort to persuade West Indies and Pakistan to go ahead with their program even though many people have died due to corona virus in Britain.

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Heavy damage may occur: Giles

Ireland and Australia also have to tour England this season. Earlier, there were concerns that the Kovid-19 could cause the 2020 English cricket program to be dusted. The ECB would have suffered huge losses. A five-day stay at Old Trafford’s team hotel was required. In such a situation, Archer will have to face internal disciplinary action.

“This could be a big disaster,” Giles told reporters after the end of the day’s play on Thursday. The opposite can happen on our entire season, causing us to suffer heavy losses. Archer will have to go through disciplinary action. The rules of this series were set with the help of the British government and opponents and we will proceed with this.

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Archer apologizes

However, Giles expressed condolences to young pacer Jofra Archer, saying, ‘Young boys make mistakes. Tell me people who have never made a mistake and I will show you a liar. Jofra will learn from this. We will support it and move forward. He is a good young player. Works hard and is quite useful for the team. He made a mistake on this occasion.

Both teams were in a bio-safe environment in the Aegeus Bowl and the last two matches were to be played in Manchester. Before the game started on Thursday, Archer’s statement of apology was released by the ECB, which said, ‘I apologize for what I did. I risked not only myself but the entire team and management. I am ready to bear the consequences of my actions. And I apologize to all those living in a bio-safe environment.

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