Jio Vs Airtel Best Plans: Jio Launched The Cheapest Plan To Compete With Airtel, Know Which Will Get More Benefit


Recently, the telecom company Airtel has stopped its cheapest Rs 49 plan. Instead, a plan of Rs 79 has been launched in the market. 

Now this i.e. Rs 79 prepaid recharge plan is the cheapest plan of the company. Now to compete with this plan of Airtel, Reliance Jio has launched a new plan which costs Rs 75. 

This plan is for JioPhone users. Let us know what is the specialty of both the plans, which one is better for you.

Rs 79 plan

The cheapest plan of telecom company Airtel has become expensive. Airtel has discontinued its Rs 49 prepaid recharge plan. 

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Now Airtel has reduced this plan to Rs 79 but customers are getting double benefit in this. Airtel’s Rs 79 plan will get Rs 64 talk time and 200MB data will also be available daily. 

Airtel is offering a validity of 28 days with this plan. This plan is giving customers four times more outgoing minutes with double data. This plan of Airtel has started from July 29. 

This plan of Bharti Airtel is Rs 30 more expensive than the previous one. In this plan, you are getting more data and four times the outgoing voice call minutes than before. 

In the plan of Rs 79, users will be charged 1 paisa per second for calling.

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Jio Rs 75 plan

This plan is exclusively for JioPhone users. It is called JIOPHONE ALL-IN-ONE PLAN. Its validity is 28 days. 

Some 3GB data is being given in this. 0.1 GB per day data will be given per day and in this additional 200 MB data will be given. 

Apart from this, unlimited calling facility is also available on any number. In this, the company is also giving 50 SMS. 

At the same time, this Buy One Get One offer is also available in which recharging one plan will get the benefit of two plans.

Which is better between Airtel and Jio plans

If both the plans are compared, then Jio’s plan is better than Airtel. 

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Jio’s plan is Rs 4 cheaper than Airtel’s plan. 

The only disadvantage of Jio’s plan is that it is only for JioPhone users. Not everyone can use it. 

At the same time, everyone can use Airtel’s plan. However, the benefits of Jio cannot be ignored.

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