iPhone 12 Mini Will Be Called Apple’s Smallest iPhone

According to the picture of the smallest iPhone of iPhone 12, it has been named Iso Mini.

San Francisco:  Apple will likely launch four new iPhones next month and according to a new report, its smallest iPhone will be the 5.4-inch display and Apple has named it the iPhone 12 Mini. 

According to the picture of the iPhone 12, the smallest size of the iPhone has been named, according to this, it is named Eso Mini and in addition, the 6.7-inch model is named iPhone 12 Pro Max and the two 6.1-inch models are named iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro has gone.

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According to the report, for the first time Apple is using the word Mini with one of its phones. 

Earlier Apple launched iPad mini and iPod mini. 

The iPhone 12 Mini will be smaller in size than the iPhone 11 Pro, which is 5.8 inches in size. All four phones will be equipped with OLED display and will support 5D.

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