These 4 Foreign Vegetables Is High On Demand In Five Star Hotels, Farming These Vegetables Can Make You Rich

Now is not the time when only farmers used to do farming. Now anyone can do farming. The reason behind this is technology. 

Many new techniques have come, with which you can grow fruits and vegetables on the terrace or even in a hall. Another important thing is that the fruits or vegetables that are being grown with new technology are more profitable and profitable. 

One can grow not only indigenous but also exotic vegetables on the terrace through hydroponic and aquaponic techniques. These techniques require less water and soil. Here we will give you information about 4 such exotic vegetables, from which you can earn a lot. 

Actually, the demand of vegetables about which we are going to give you here is very much in big hotels.

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Green Swiss chard is used in burgers

Let us tell you that green Swiss chard leaves are used as a salad in the burger. You will definitely find these leaves in burgers. 

Not only this, the rest of this vegetable is also very beneficial, in which vitamins and other nutrients will be available. There are 2 important benefits of this vegetable. 

First that it is very tasty and secondly it benefits the eyes. Wherever burgers are made, there will be a special demand for it.

Lola Rosa with beautiful leaves


The leaves of Lola Rosa are very beautiful. It has red color all around and green color in the middle. Lola Rosa is also said to be good for health. 

Let us tell you that the price of this particular vegetable is up to Rs 500 per kg. As far as nutritional elements are concerned, in addition to vitamin-A, vitamin-C and iron, you will also get folate acid.

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People with allergies and asthma can benefit from these.

Red Basil (Red Basil)


You must have known about green basil. But do you know about Red Basil i.e. Red Basil? You might have heard about it for the first time. 

This is a special vegetable, which costs up to Rs 600 per kg. It is in great demand in big hotels. 

It is also beneficial for health. It is widely used in the cuisine of Thailand.

Beet-like red swiss chard


The Red Swiss Chard plant may look like a beet. Its price is also up to Rs 600 per kg. It is said that in the rainy season it can get a rate of up to Rs 1200 a kg. 

Let us tell you that this is also a salad vegetable, which is rich in nutrients.

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