Due To The Decision Of The Federal Reserve, There Is An Outcry In The Us Stock Market, Clearing $ 1 Trillion From The Market Value Of 10 Companies


The US stock exchange Nasdaq 100 has lost 10 per cent so far after the US central bank raised interest rates by 0.50 per cent. 

The Nasdaq closed down 4 percent on Monday. 

Federal Reserve (central bank) chief Jerome Powell has said that such increases in interest rates will continue.

Let us tell you that this is the biggest 3-day drop after 2020. 

According to Bloomberg, this exchange, which is dominated by technology companies, has drowned $ 15 trillion of investors in 3 days.

Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, Tesla, Alphabet (parent company of Google), Nvidia, Meta (parent company of Facebook) SML, Air.B.N.B. And Intuit’s market valuation has plummeted to $1 trillion. 

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Apple has the highest market valuation ($225 billion) of all these companies.

Nasdaq U.S. Dropped 25% This Year Anticipating a slowdown by a surge in Treasury yields, rising inflation and high interest rates, the Nasdaq has plunged 25 per cent so far this year. 

This is the biggest drop since the start of Kovid-19. Significantly, then within a month, Nasdaq had fallen 28 percent. However, the decline isn’t just being recorded on the Nasdaq. 

Besides this S. The & P. ​​500 also closed with a fall of 3.2 percent. Its condition is also in the worst phase after the pandemic. 

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