Debit Card Fraud Protection: How Are Frauds Done With Debit Cards? Learn 10 Tips To Avoid It


Debit Card Fraud Protection Tips: Nowadays, instead of cash, there is a trend of payment by card. 

But along with the increase in card payments, card-related frauds are also increasing. 

In such a situation, you should take special care of some things.

  • Debit cards have made transactions easy and convenient for us.
  • With the increasing use of debit cards, the cases of fraud are increasing continuously.

Change your debit card password from time to time.

Debit Card Fraud Protection Tips

A click or swipe on your laptop, tablet or smartphone is one of the easiest ways to buy a gift, buy concert tickets, or book a trip. 

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Debit cards have made transactions easy and convenient for us. You can shop online and pay through debit card.

However, you must be careful while transacting through debit cards as you can be a victim of fraud. Fraudsters use a variety of techniques to gain access to your account information. 

Therefore, you should think twice before using your debit card for transactions.

Let us know how you can avoid debit card fraud (how to protect yourself from debit card fraud)

  1. When transacting at an ATM, you must thoroughly check the machine before entering your PIN. Cover the keypad when entering your PIN and avoid seeking help if you encounter any problems with your transactions.
  2. Sign up for banking alerts to stay informed about your transactions. Through this, you will get an email or SMS on every withdrawal or transaction.
  3. Monitor your banking activity regularly and if you find any fraudulent transactions, you can call your bank branch immediately. Keep checking your bank statement regularly.
  4. When shopping online, make sure you are buying from a secure site. Avoid saving your debit card information on any e-commerce site. Also, note that the page where you are asked to enter your debit card information has ‘https’ in its address bar. Here s means secure.
  5. You should beware of phishing scam. Always be sure who you are interacting with when doing business online. The fraudster can trick you into believing that it is related to a bank or a company through a phishing website.
  6. Use anti-virus and anti-spyware software on your mobile and update them regularly to avoid malware.
  7. Avoid using debit cards for e-commerce transactions. Using a credit card may be preferable as it provides fraud protection. That’s because the credit card gives you a grace period of one month before making a payment. Thus, if there is a fraud, you have a month to resolve the issue.
  8. Change your debit card password from time to time.
  9. Never share your debit card details like PIN or CVV with anyone.
  10. When paying at stores, shop with retailers that use chip-enabled card readers.
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