Cryptocurrency Know The Advantages And Disadvantages, Someone Rich Overnight And Someone Poor

PARIS, FRANCE - FEBRUARY 16: In this photo illustration, a visual representation of digital cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethernum, Dash, Monero and Litecoin is displayed on February 16, 2018 in Paris, France. Digital cryptocurrencies have seen unprecedented growth in 2017, despite remaining extremely volatile. (Photo Illustration by Chesnot/Getty Images)

What is cryptocurrency: There is a debate going on in the country these days regarding cryptocurrency. PM Modi himself has warned about this. The Swadeshi Jagran Manch associated with the RSS has demanded a law regarding this.

  • The trend of cryptocurrencies is growing rapidly in the country and around the world
  • PM Modi expressed concern about crypto, said – it is important that all democratic countries work together on this

Crypto can make anyone rich within hours, it can also make poor people

Cryptocurrency’s advantages and disadvantages

Today we talk about the digital danger, towards which the Prime Minister of the country Narendra Modi has recently pointed out. 

Not just a gesture, but has warned the big and powerful countries of the world and its name is-crypto currency. bitcoin. 

The same bitcoin that makes someone rich overnight and makes someone pauper overnight. 

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In the coming time, PM Modi is going to take a big step in this regard. He had indicated this two days ago. 

Now it’s time for action. 

PM expressed concern about the danger

Expressing concern about this, PM Modi said, ‘Crypto currency and bitcoin. 

It is imperative that all democratic countries work together on this and ensure that it does not fall into the wrong hands, which can ruin our youth. 

The Prime Minister raised this concern two days ago in the Sydney Dialogue regarding cryptocurrency or bitcoin. 

Not only expressed concern, but also warned all the big countries of the world about it. 

So the question is, what is the prime minister’s fear about bitcoin? 

Why did the PM raise the alarm regarding cryptocurrency? What is the danger that has been foreseen?

what is crypto currency

Today you will get the answer of all these questions in a sequential manner. But first of all, know that what is this crypto currency? 

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Yes, this is the same crypto currency or bitcoin, which is taking the whole world very fast. At this speed that is difficult to imagine.

This is the same crypto currency, which is not legal in India. Despite this, India is the country, which is investing the most in this invisible currency. 

That is why the question arises that what is the future of this digital currency in the country? Will the government ban it or give it legal recognition? 

the scariest aspect

Well, what the government is going to do in this regard, it will be known in the coming time, but this currency has some dangers of its own. 

What is that… It has its own dangers. Whether it is for the government or for those people who are dreaming of becoming rich overnight through this. 

But now also understand that what was the purpose behind bringing this hidden or invisible money? 

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The most frightening aspect is that just as this rupee is invisible, so is the person who brought it into existence.

both advantage and disadvantage

In 2010, the cost of one bit coin was only 22 paise, but now you will be stunned if you hear its price. 

Also understand what are the dangers of this cryptocurrency. 

Amidst all these dangers, the question is what is the future of this currency in India. Is the government going to ban it, or will it give legal recognition? 

Whether or not cryptocurrency will be banned in India, the answer will be given in the coming time, but it is banned in many countries of the world. 

So it is meant to say that there is a need to be careful about crypto currency. Because as much as it has advantages, there are also disadvantages.

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