Changes In ICICI Bank’s Service Charge, From 1 August 2021, So Much Money Will Have To Be Paid For Withdrawing Check Book, ATM, Cash


ICICI Bank customers are going to get a setback from 1 August 2021

Tomorrow, from August 1, the customers of ICICI Bank are going to get a setback. Withdrawing money from ATM, withdrawing cash is going to be expensive for ICICI Bank customers. Along with this, the rules of check book are also going to change. All these new charges will be applicable from August 1.

Will have to pay for withdrawing money

From August, ICICI Bank customers can withdraw Rs 1 lakh per their home branch. Above this, Rs 5 per 1,000 will have to be paid. There is no charge for cash withdrawal up to Rs 25,000 per day for withdrawing money from branches other than the home branch. After that Rs 5 will have to be paid for withdrawing Rs 1000.

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How much will be charged on checkbook

It is worth noting that at present ICICI Bank gives its account holders a check book with 20 leaves in a year for free. After this, if more leaves are required, then customers will have to pay Rs 20 for a check book with 10 leaves. That is, now for every extra 10 leaves, 20 rupees will have to be paid. Now you have to pay Rs 20 per 10 pages extra check book

ATM transaction will be charged

According to the bank’s website, ATM interchange transactions will also be charged. The first 3 transactions will be free at 6 metro locations in a month. First 5 transactions in a month at all other locations will be free. Rs 20 per financial transaction and Rs 8.50 per non-financial transaction.

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If you withdraw cash from any non ICICI Bank ATM, the first three transactions in a month will be free in 6 metro cities i.e. Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Bangalore and Hyderabad. After this, every transaction will be charged.

In non-metro cities, the first 5 transactions will be free and after that every transaction will be charged Rs 20. Non-financial transactions will attract a charge of Rs 8.5.

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