Ashneer Grover Broke Ties With Bharatpe, Said – I Will Never Become A ‘Slave’ Of An Investor In Life

Ashneer Grover has resigned from the post of managing director of the company after several weeks of fighting with the board and management of BharatPe. He had asked for Rs 4,000 crore to leave the company. It is not yet known whether the company is going to give them this money or not. But, an interview with Moneycontrol indicated that he does not need to start any new company. He spoke candidly to Moneycontrol. He gave his opinion on every aspect. He made no effort to hide his emotions. Let’s know the highlights of the interview.

Why did you decide to resign?

You decide what you want. You were only after me, my wife and my whole family. did you ever call me once? What kind of process is this that the former chairman of SBI cannot keep it confidential for a month.

What will be your next step?

I will not disclose. I am very clear, I will be a private person. I will not live my life according to the media, I will never again become the slave of these investors in my life. I will live life on my own terms.

I now respect people like Turakhia (Bhavin) and Kamat (Nitin) who have the courage to start a business with 100% ownership. It will take a little longer. But, I will have control over what I make and will not make it for people who are opportunistic.

Do you consider it justice to yourself and your family, as your wife was a very senior executive in the company?

Absolutely, it is so. Not just Injustice, it would be fair to call it male domination. In the termination letter, a laser treatment of those people is mentioned. I can tell you what level of lies they have resorted to. My wife had skin problem. She was getting treatment for it. Its bill was a private bill. He had paid for it. This bill was lying in the drawer. He picked it up and said you have claimed it from the company.

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I challenge him- Amarchand– Shardul (Shroff), Pallavi (Shroff)– what kind of process are you using? No audit took place. You can write anything in the letter. Why? Because you want to take it to the media and create a story. so that you can hear it all.

Ashneer, you said earlier that you will fight the whole battle. But now your stance seems to have changed. You say you don’t want to drag it any further. What is the reason for this change?

I have a class. These people have no class. I am sorry but Rajnish Kumar, Kewal Handa, Missy, Harjeet, Rahul Kishore… I don’t even need to speak about Sumeet (Singh) and Suhail (Sameer). I don’t want to be in the company of these people. I have such things about them, which if I start talking about them, Sequoia will not make a single investment in India. ED and CBI will be seen behind them.

Which investment is this associated with?

I know too much, but why should I throw things in the air? I challenge Sequoia for a TV debate. Sequoia can nominate someone to speak if it wishes.

Now what about the case, when you have resigned from the company?

This is a made up case. They can do whatever they want. Do you think I don’t have 10 cases against him? Bhavik Koldadiya is calling me from Rajnish Kumar’s house and threatening me– this is just the trailer of the whole film. I have a thousand things against him.

Will you continue to be a shareholder of the company?

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I am the single largest shareholder of the company. My shares are commercially valuable to me. I can keep them or sell them to the highest paying person.

Has the board offered you any monetary compensation?

I am no beggar. The board can’t even talk with my eyes in the eye. I am not at his mercy. They are at our mercy. Investors need founders. I don’t need them.

What would you like to do next?

I am Ashneer Grover. I am a builder. I will do whatever is necessary to build things. I am not answerable to anyone.

We know that Madhuri Grover was called for a meeting. He was informed about the results of the investigation. They have been asked to present their side. Can you tell me something about this?

She (Madhuri) was called for the meeting. We said that our son had an exam and asked if she could come for the meeting after two days. Our request was rejected. He was asked to come the next day. It was the first time he was called. It’s not that he was called for meetings many times and we got rejected.

We reached the Venue. We had our lawyers with us. She went inside alone for the meeting. My lawyer requested that he should also be allowed to enter. But, he did not allow. Why can’t the lawyer sit with Madhuri?

Second, he did not present a single paper to know Madhuri’s answer. Not a single document. She stayed there for three hours. Didn’t take a single washroom break. He was not even courteous enough to offer him food.

When Madhuri starts telling about what others including Suhail have done she stops them and says it is only about you. He didn’t even give a single paper. Where did the concept of natural justice go?

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