The American Dream: World’s Longest Car Restored, Breaking Record Of More Than 100 Feet In Length


The American Dream, the world’s longest car, has once again been restored with full preparation. With this, it has broken the Guinness World Record for being the first longest car. 

Guinness World Records posted a picture on its website and social media handle giving a glimpse of the world’s largest car.

According to Guinness World Records, this super limousine car, named The American Dream, now measures 30.54 m (100 ft and 1.50 in). Whereas a regular car is on an average 12 to 16 feet long.

Was built in 1986

According to Guinness World Records, the car was originally built in 1986 by car customizer Jay Ohrberg in Burbank, California. 

At that time the car was 60 feet in length, and had 26 wheels. The car was fitted with a pair of V8 engines at the front and rear. 

However, after some time it was modified to 30.5 meters in length and now it has become a little longer.

What’s special

According to Guinness World Records, “The American Dream” can be played from both sides. 

It is made in two sections and is attached with a hinge in the middle for tight folding. 


According to the Indian market, six Honda City sedans (15 feet each) can be parked side by side with “The American Dream” and even then there will be some space left.

full of luxury 

Many luxury features will be available in this long size car. Inside this car there is a large water bed, a swimming pool with a diving board, jacuzzi, bathtub, mini-golf course. 

This car also has a refrigerator, a telephone and several television sets.

According to Guinness World Records, more than 75 people can ride in this car. However, The American Dream Car will not hit the road. It will be a part of the unique and classic cars collection of the Dijkland Park Car Museum.

Let us tell you that the car “The American Dream” has appeared in many films during its famous time. Often rented. But due to high maintenance costs and parking problems, people lost interest in it and it started rusting. 

Then Michael Manning decided to restore the car and bought it off eBay. Restoration of the car cost $250,000 in shipping, materials and labor and took three years to complete.

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