Petrol Diesel Price: Petrol, Diesel Prices Still Stable, Know The Price Of Oil In Your City

Petrol and diesel prices have again given relief to the government oil companies. So far in August, the oil companies have not made any changes in the prices of petrol and diesel. Today is the 14th consecutive day when oil prices are stable. 

There is a relief in oil prices in the domestic market. Oil prices have been stable so far in August. Earlier, diesel prices have been increased 10 times in the month of July. On the other hand, if you talk about petrol, it has not increased for more than a month. 

The last increase in its price was on June 29, that too only 5 paise per liter. But the prices of diesel were continuously increasing. After adding excise duty, dealer commission and other things to the price of petrol and diesel, its price almost doubles.        

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Know the price of oil in your city

On August 14 in Delhi, both petrol and diesel prices are stable. Petrol price yesterday is Rs 80.43 per liter. While diesel is also being sold at yesterday’s price of Rs 73.56 per liter.    

Petrol diesel prices are stable in Mumbai. Petrol costs Rs 87.19 per liter and diesel costs Rs 80.11 per liter.

There has been no change in the price of petrol and diesel in Kolkata. Petrol is Rs 82.05 per liter and diesel is Rs 77.06 per liter. 
There is no change in Chennai. Petrol is Rs 83.63 per liter and diesel is Rs 78.86 per liter.
Petrol in Bangalore is still being sold at Rs 83.11 per liter of diesel at Rs 77.88 per liter. 
Petrol-diesel prices change daily and are updated at 6 am. You can also know the daily rate of petrol and diesel through SMS (How to check diesel petrol price daily). 

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Indian Oil customers can get information by sending the city code with RSP to 9292992249 and BPCL consumers can send information to 9223112222 by writing RSP. 

At the same time, HPCL consumers can know the price by writing to HPPrice and sending it to number 9222201122.

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