Buying A Car From June 1 Will Become More Expensive, The Transport Ministry Took This Big Decision

If you are planning to get a new car, then to shock you from 1st June, the central government has issued a bad news in the form of a notification.

In the midst of rising inflation in the country, the common man is facing an all-round setback and a new setback has come through a notification of the Union Ministry of Transport . 

After the implementation of the new rules of the government, from June 1, buying a vehicle in the country will become more expensive because the central government has increased all types of premiums drastically. 

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What is the decision of the central government

According to the information, buying a new vehicle from June 1 will be expensive. Third party insurance premium will become costlier from June 1. 

In place of IRDAI, the Ministry of Transport has issued a notification regarding this decision. Due to this decision of the government, there was a 15% premium increase on bikes above 150 cc.  

Apart from this, under this notification, there will be an increase of 6% premium on private cars from 1000 cc to 1500 cc. 

At the same time, the third party premium for the new private car will have to be paid 23% more. 

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Increase for commercial vehicles

After the decision of the Ministry of Transport, from June 1, the third party premium for new private cars (from 1000 cc to 1500 cc) will have to be paid 11% more. 

On the other hand, for new two wheelers, the third party premium will have to be paid 17% more. 

Apart from this, there has been a slight increase on commercial goods vehicles. 

In such a situation, buyers from bike to car are going to get a big setback if they buy a car from June 1.

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