Today’s Horoscope 23 July 2020: Gemini Will Get Success In Business Today, Lions Should Feed Cow With Jaggery


Today’s horoscope, 23 July 2020: The native of Libra will achieve success in jobs. Gemini and Virgo zodiac students will get new opportunities. Now let’s know today’s detailed horoscope …


  • Leo and Cancer businessmen will be benefited.
  • The native of Libra will achieve success in the job.
  • Virgo zodiac students will get new opportunities.

Today’s  horoscope July 23 : Today, the transit of planets will benefit Aries and Scorpio. Leo and Cancer businessmen will be benefited. The native of Taurus and Libra will achieve success in jobs. Gemini and Virgo zodiac students will get new opportunities. Now let’s know today’s detailed horoscope …


Read the horoscope of 23 July (Aaj ka Rashifal)

1. Aries Horoscope / Aries Horoscope Today:   Students of this zodiac will benefit from Mars and Moon transit today. There may be a new contract in business. Red color is auspicious. Job will progress. Wealth may come.


2. Taurus Horoscope / Tauras Horoscope Today:  Venus is in this sign. Chandra and Venus transit will move towards job promotion today. Virgo and Libra are the friends who will provide benefits today. White color is auspicious.

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3. Gemini Horoscope / Gemini Horoscope Today:  Today is the day of success in business. Be cautious about your health. Rahu and Mercury are in this sign. Due to Chandra Transit, take any new business related decision carefully. Blue color is auspicious. Feed bananas to the cow. Read Shri Vishnushahasranama.


4. Cancer Horoscope / Cancer Horoscope Today: Moon will give progress in business. Students will be benefited. Yellow and white color is auspicious. Today your self-confidence will work a lot. Money will come. Donate rice to the moon.

5. Leo Horoscope / Leo Horoscope Today: You  will get new opportunities in business. In-laws will benefit from the side. Red color is auspicious. There is progress in the job. Feed jiggery to the cow.


6. Virgo Horoscope / Virgo Horoscope Today:  Success will be achieved in the job. Health will improve now. Keep worshiping Lord Hanuman. Blue color is auspicious. Feed jiggery to the cow.

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7. Libra Horoscope / Libra Horoscope Today: There   is conflict in business. Religious rituals may occur. Your behavior will create an impaired task efficiently. Blue color is auspicious. Make Rudrabhisheka.


8. Scorpio Horoscope / Scorpio Horoscope Today: Will  feel like buying land or house. Do not let your self-confidence diminish today. People of Leo are helpful for you in business. Yellow color is auspicious. Feed bananas to the cow.

9. Sagittarius Horoscope / Sagittarius Horoscope Today:  The influence of Guru and Moon will lead to success in business today. There are signs of money arrival. There will be a possibility of a new business deal. Yellow color is auspicious.


10. Capricorn Horoscope / Capricorn Horoscope Today:  Today, Saturn and Moon will be supported in jobs and business. The native of Gemini and Libra will get benefits. Green color is auspicious. Friends will provide benefits. Donate black clothes.

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11. Aquarius Horoscope / Aquarius Horoscope Today:  Will start any religious work. Take Hanuman ji’s blessings. Invest money in real estate. Blue color is auspicious. Donate urad


12. Pisces Horoscope / Pisces Horoscope Today:  It is a struggle in business. Do not dispute family today. Money can be spent. Red color is auspicious. People of Aries and Scorpio will benefit from it. Read Shri Vishnushahasranama. Make donations.



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