Today’s Horoscope 20 August 2020: Today Aries And Virgo Zodiac Progress In Business, Read Hanuman Baahuk


Today’s horoscope 20 August 2020: Capricorn and Libra people will achieve success in business. Now let us know the detailed horoscope of each sign.

Today’s horoscope 20 August 2020: According to the transit of planets, the people of Aries and Virgo will progress in business today. The people of Cancer zodiac will make meaningful efforts towards changing the job. Capricorn and Libra people will achieve success in business. Let us now know the detailed horoscope of each sign.

Aries- Today will be successful in the works related to home construction. Any inattention to health can be disturbing later. Red color is auspicious. Worship Hanuman ji. Feed bananas to cow.

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The path of new responsibilities will be created in Taurus . Will expand any new action plan in the business. Green color is auspicious. Read Sri Suktam. Take father’s blessings.

Mithun-  spend happy Rhengekdn today health remain confused about a decision will have to mind the religious functions. Recite Shri Vishnusahsranama.

Cancer – new schemes will emerge in business. Will be interested in religious work. White and yellow color is auspicious. Work will be done with the help of elder brother. Donate rice. 

Singh Singh sun will succeed in all functions. Home construction related works will be done. Yellow and white color is auspicious. The job will get the support of high officials.

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Virgo- Job may face a new challenge. Will be happy with any new success in business. Read Sri Suktam. Blue color is auspicious. Religious rituals can be performed at home.

Libra – Students will achieve success. White color is auspicious. Today, friends should be supported in some government work. Will be excited about the business.

Scorpio – Today, Mars and Moon will plan to purchase vehicles. Today you will expand your business. Money will be received. Yellow color is auspicious. Donate jaggery. There is a rise of new jobs in jobs.

Dhanu- Guru and Moon will get success in jobs and any new work in business. White and yellow color is auspicious. Read Sri Suktam. Donate gram lentils. 

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Capricorn – Saturn is the planet of justice and success. You will give positive direction to the job. Blue color is auspicious. Recite Hanuman Bahuka and be healthy.

Kumbh –   Today is the day of success and happiness. The sources of income will increase. There are signs of success in jobs too. White color is auspicious. There will be religious works. Donate food

Pisces – Today at home the religious ritual will make the mind happy. Will feel like buying a vehicle. Guru and Chandra will progress in visible job. Yellow color is auspicious. Money will come. 

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