Today’s Horoscope 16 August 2020: Lord Shiva And Hanuman Ji Will Complete Their Wishes, Know How Your Day Will Be


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Today’s horoscope, 16 August 2020: Today is the day for Taurus Horoscopes to do something new in jobs. The natives of Capricorn will get new opportunities in jobs. Know how your day will be …


  • Today, people of Cancer and Sagittarius sign will achieve success in business.
  • People of Gemini and Libra zodiac should not be careless about health.
  • Today is the day to worship Lord Sun and Hanuman.

Today’s horoscope (Aaj Ka Rashifal) : Today, the moon is in Gemini. Venus is also in Gemini. Today is the day to worship Lord Sun and Hanuman.

Lord Shiva and Hanuman ji fulfill their wishes. Today, people of Cancer and Sagittarius sign will achieve success in business. The native of Taurus and Capricorn will get new opportunities in the job. The native of Gemini and Libra zodiac is better if not negligent towards health. Young people of Taurus and Libra will be successful in love. 

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Read the horoscope of August 16 (Aaj ka Rashifal)

1. Aries Horoscope / Aries Horoscope Today: Today Mars and Moon can give opportunity to students to progress. Today’s effort in politics can lead to success in future. Red color is auspicious. Donate wheat

2. Taurus Horoscope / Tauras Horoscope Today:  Today is the day to do something new in the job. Money can come. Will be moving towards business growth. Your soft voice will provide benefits. Green color is auspicious.

3. Gemini Horoscope / Gemini Horoscope Today:  Can move towards new project in job. There will be some concern about business, green color is auspicious. Read Shri Sukta.

4. Cancer Horoscope / Cancer Horoscope Today:  The lord of this zodiac, transit of Moon and Gemini will progress today. Will be benefited in business. White color is auspicious. Any work will be completed today. Donate food

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 5. Leo Horoscope / Leo Horoscope Today:   After a long time students will get new opportunities for jobs. There should be success in business. Yellow color is auspicious. Recite Shri Adityahrudhyastotra 3 times.

6. Virgo Horoscope / Virgo Horoscope Today:  Today you will be happy with the cooperation of high officials in the job. The Moon and Mercury today can take the mind towards spirituality. Health benefits are possible. Green and blue color are auspicious. Money is a sign of arrival.

7. Libra Horoscope / Libra Horoscope Today: There is  a struggle in the job. Will be happy about health and happiness. Read Sri Suktam. Blue color is auspicious. You will be very happy with the success of your child.

8. Scorpio Horoscope / Scorpio Horoscope Today:  Today Mars and Moon will give success in visible job. People of Sagittarius and Pisces are helpful for you today. Red color is auspicious. Success in business.

9. Sagittarius Horoscope / Sagittarius Horoscope Today:   Due to the transit of the Moon and the Moon, you will get some good news about the job. Wealth is the sign of arrival. Yellow color is auspicious. Today is a great day for the students.

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10. Capricorn Horoscope / Capricorn Horoscope Today:  Saturn and Rahu can stress about health. You will get benefit in business. Saturn and Moon will give benefits in business. Green color is auspicious. Today one can perform religious rituals at home.

11. Aquarius Horoscope / Aquarius Horoscope Today:  Today, transit of Mars and Moon can give any new position in the job. Venus and Moon can start any new work related to business. Read Sri Suktam. Green color is auspicious. 

12 Pisces  Horoscope / Pisces Horoscope Today : Today your self-confidence and support of friends will be very useful. Read Sundarkand. There are signs of profit from business. White color is auspicious. 

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