Business Idea: Earn Bumper Every Month From Murrah Breed Buffalo, Know How To Start


Business Idea: If you want to increase your income along with job, then today we are giving you a better idea. In this idea, you only have to find time in the evening and morning. In this only you can easily earn lakhs of rupees a month. There are many people who are earning a lot of money while doing business with a job. If you want to do business then you can try your hand in dairy business by raising buffalo.

In fact, the Murrah breed is considered to be the best among the buffalo breeds. The demand for buffaloes of these breeds is also high. This breed has a special importance among buffaloes. The reason for this is that they have good stature and give better milk than other breeds.

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What is the identity of Murrah buffalo

Talking about the identity of Murrah buffalo, it can be recognized from afar. The color of the animals of this breed is black and the size of the head is very small. At the same time, talking about the horn, it is like a ring. 

Their tail is also quite different from other buffaloes. The length of the tail is quite long. Murrah breed buffalo weighs quite a lot. Generally such buffaloes are reared more in areas like Haryana, Punjab. Buffaloes of these breeds are also used in dairies of Itni, Bulgaria, Egypt to improve dairy production there.

make bumper earnings

If you want to raise Murrah buffalo then you can earn bumper from it. You can start a dairy business product. This buffalo gives more milk than other breeds of buffalo. 

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A buffalo of Murrah breed can give up to 20 liters of milk daily. This is usually twice that of the breeds of buffaloes. So much so that if the buffaloes of Murrah breed are fed properly, they can give up to 30-35 liters of milk if they are better guarded.

The price of these buffaloes starts from Rs. Lakhs and reaches up to Rs. 3-4 Lakhs. Now you can imagine how beneficial it is for the cattle breeders to raise buffaloes and buffaloes of Murrah breed.

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